Speed Bleeders & Accessories By Russell Performance

The Russell Speed Bleeder simplifies the troublesome job of bleeding your brake system and makes bleeding your brakes a one person task. Replace your original bleeder screw with our patented Speed Bleeder and you are ready to start. All you do is open the Speed Bleeder 1/4 to 1/2 turn and pump your brake lever continuously. Our patented check ball design allows the old fluid and air to be pushed out, but closes between pumps, preventing the old fluid or air from getting back into the system. When all the old fluid is purged from the system, tighten the Speed Bleeder and you're done! Speed Bleeders are available for stock or aftermarket calipers.
Speed Bleeders by Russell Performance Products
Size Qty. Aftermarket Caliper Manuf. Part #
8mm X 1.25 2 - R40527
7mm X 1.0 2 - R40528
10mm X 1.0 2 - R40529
10mm X 1.25 2 - R40530
1/4"-28 threads 2 CCI/Rev Tech with 2 pistons per caliper, GMA, Brake w/ 2 or 6 pistons, Performance Machine w/6 pistons R40525
3/8"-24 threads 2 Arlen Ness with 4 or 6 pistons per caliper, Chrome Specialties w/4 pistons, Jay Brake w/4 pistons, Performance Machine w/6 pistons R40526

Environmentally friendly Speed Bleeder Bag catches your old brake fluid for a no-spill, no-mess operation. This EPA-approved, user-friendly item includes plastic tubing and a 7" x 7" plastic bag with handy plastic tube connection that holds approximately 12 ounces.
Speed Bleeder Bag by Russell Performance Products
Description Part #
Speed Bleeder Bag 639500

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