Miscellaneous Parts By Russell Performance

Wrap-It is a self-wrapping, lightweight oversleeve that reduces chafing, cutting and abrading of wires and hoses. The self-wrapping feature allows for quick and easy installation and removal for assembly or maintenance without the need for any special tools.
Wire and Hose Protection by Russell Performance Products
Description Length Width Part #
Wire and Hose Protection 25 Ft. 5/16" R2910
Wire and Hose Protection 25 Ft. 1/2" R2913
Wire and Hose Protection 25 Ft. 3/4" R2916

This unit is a simple, easy to install component for use on H-D EFI and carbureted models that do not have an RPM pick-up installed. All of the 2004-Later H-Ds get their RPM signal from the data bus, which is not an accessible means to get a tach signal from, for items such as our nitrous systems or anything else that requires a tach signal.
Inductive RPM Sensor by Russell Performance Products
Description Part #
Inductive RPM Sensor 71937

Constructed using Russell Power-Flex stainless steel braided hoses, our lines feature a PTFE inner liner and 308 stainless steel outer braid for the ultimate in strength, corrosion resistance and appearance. The Russell hose ends feature precision crimp installation using a hydraulic crimping method that provides a leak-free connection. All lines feature straight AN hose ends on both ends. Lines with blue fittings are for nitrous.
Braided Stainless Hoses by Russell Performance Products
Description Length Blue Red
-3 AN Nitrous Line 10 658770 658780
-3 AN Nitrous Line 12 658040 658070
-3 AN Nitrous Line 15 658080 658090
-3 AN Nitrous Line 18 658100 658110
-3 AN Nitrous Line 2 658120 658150
-4 AN Nitrous Line 2 658270 -
-4 AN Nitrous Line 3 658310 -
-4 AN Nitrous Line 4 658330 -
-4 AN Nitrous Line 6 658340 -

WARNING: ALL products on this page can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www.P65warnings.ca.gov.